Two uarm together

How do I get two uarms to work together with one another while using a gripper on each? uArm studio only seems to recognize one uArm at a time, and I don’t know how to code this in C or in python. How would I go about using C or python to program a uarm?

Hi, python could do that, check here: uArm-Python-SDK/examples/api/multi at 2.0 · uArm-Developer/uArm-Python-SDK · GitHub

That’s fine, but how do I do it? Is there an IDE line? Do I need to do this in the uarm studio? Do I need to use a separate program? I ask because in uarm studio I only see options for javascript and xml.

Hi, we recommend to use Python IDE such as Pycharm to execute the python script, it can not be done on uarm studio.