U arm Swift not responding

My U-Arm swift stopped working after the yesterdays software update .
Please help.

Hi @jasmeet_singh

Sorry for the trouble.
Could you fill in this Feedback Form with your log files ?

So we can locate the problem. Thanks!

Thanks for your Reply @Cleo , i think i flashed it by mistake with swift pro firm ware … Can you please help to fix it .

Moreover , The arduino library for swift doesnt work . It shows error . Can you help with that too ?

@Cleo Is there is any possible way to know to which port’s of the arduino are the servo’s connected and to which corresponding port the feedback is provided by each one of them ??

Hi @jasmeet_singh

You can flash firmware manually.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download “FlashTool” (Flashtool is a simple tool made by the uArm Team for flashing firmware manually) and Firmware .hex file (Please PM me your email so I can send you one. it’s currently not online yet.)

  2. Connect uArm Swift (Pro) with computer via USB.
    Please don’t use uArm Studio while using FlashTool, or the port will be occupied.

  3. Open FlashTool, and then drag the .hex file into the FlashTool window. Done!
    Now you can open uArm Studio to check if the firmware is the latest.

Btw, you said there’s error while using Arduino lib. Could you provide more details? Thanks.

i have sent you the details on your email.

The error is : " MoveTo " is not declared in this scope .

There is only 1 example in the swiftforarduino-master library.

Email sent. Hope it helps.

it did. Thanks a lot

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