uArm Client opens but has no viewer

So I am working with a uArm Metal and recently downloaded all of the programs to my Mac (10.7.5) and when I got the uArm client to download I can see that the program is running but I do not see anything. No viewer or bar at the top of my screen where “File” and “View” type bars would go. Any ideas?

@njclayto Hi, the client is built by Processing version 3, Please refer to ProcessingV3 support platform- Mac , 10.8.5 or above is required(64bit), Suggest you upgrade your Mac OS X.

Thanks it worked after I updated to 10.11.3. Although now I seem to have lost rotational motion because it will only move vertically and forward. I think servoROT is burned out as I am still getting roughly 5 volts out of the male leads on the PCB and current flows through the cables, but when I rotate the servo leads to see if it is strictly a servo that is down I lost all movement. Any ideas?

@njclayto Hi, Sorry for the late response, which version of Arduino library are you using?

V1.2 modified on December, 2015.

I have processor 3 and my mac version is 10.12.1, still the uarm client opens and does nothing. Nothing is displayed over the screen…