uArm connects to uarmStudio, but doesn't respond to commands

uarmStudio reports that there is a connection and everything is fine, however when I try to move the arm it does not respond. The head is sitting against the table top, and when I connect there is a beep, but no motion from the arm.

Problem report looks like everything is good (clipped because the website doesn’t want me posting links):

“Studio”: {
“APP_NAME”: “uArmStudio”,
“APP_VERSION”: “1.1.19”,
“Channel”: “prod”,
“CATEGORY”: “software”,
“LANG”: “en”,
“OS_INFO”: “darwin x64 17.7.0”,
“OS_TYPE”: “mac”,
“OS_ARCH”: “x64”,
“UARM_CORE_VERSION”: " 1.0.1",
“STUDIO_DIR_PATH”: “/Users/andrew/uarm/studio”,
“HOME_DIR_PATH”: “/Users/andrew/uarm”,
“STUDIO_CONFIG_PATH”: “/Users/andrew/uarm/studio/config.json”,
“FIRMWARE_DIR_PATH”: “/Users/andrew/uarm/firmware”,
“AVRDUDE_DIR_PATH”: “/Applications/”,
“LOG_DIR_PATH”: “/Users/andrew/uarm/studio/log”,
“DRIVER_DIR_PATH”: “/Applications/”,
“CURA_DIR_PATH”: “/Applications/”,
“CACHE_DIR_PATH”: “/Users/andrew/Library/Application Support/uarmStudio”,
“UArm”: {
“portName”: “/dev/cu.usbmodem1431”,
“firmwareVersion”: “3.2.0”,
“hardwareVersion”: “3.3.0”,
“productName”: “SwiftPro”,
“productType”: “swiftpro”,
“portSerialNumber”: “D43639DF6507”,
“currentX”: 200,
“currentY”: 0,
“currentZ”: 100,
“currentR”: 0
“Problems”: {
“coreExisted”: true,
“coreRunning”: true,
“coreConnected”: true,
“uarmConnected”: true,
“driverInstalled”: true,
“uarmPortConnected”: true,
“other”: “”
“ports”: [

uArm Serial No.: 0505170572 (the No. at the bottom of each uArm reading “UARM-XXXXXXXXXX”)

Firmware Version: 4.2.1

Operation System: Win(7,8,9,10)/Mac/Linux

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio/uArm Play/Arduino/Python (Please specify the software/library version)

The report shows that the uArm is on firmware 3.2.0, what’s the firmware version is the uArm on while this problem happened?