uARM continuously beeping after first powered on

Hi there. I was one of the backers or the first uARM of may 2014 but because my life got crazy at that time I had to postpone a half way through project. However, I finally resume it couple of days ago and finish the assembly. Mechanically works fine as the servos are rotating as they should. I wired it as it shows on the diagram, but when I first powered my uARM it beeps continuously and does not stop unless I unplug it from the power source. Do you have pictures or a video of how to properly wire the uARM? I suspect there I have a problem. I have the uDuino that came up with the parts and I can send you pictures of how I wired it. I also have Windows 10 as operating system and have problems with the COM not showing when I open up the sketch in Arduino. I installed the drivers (the last version that supposed to work with Windows 10) but I still cannot see the COM port. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thank you.

Hi, Mirela. you`d better send your picture about how you connect wires.
You can also try this: connect your uduino to computer separately, Don’t connect anything else.
If your computer is unable to identify the uduino, this means the Program in the uduino has some problem,then you need copy a section of the underlying code for uduino. When you had copied the underlying code but it also did not work , you could use any arduino that might drive.

by the way,We have a Download center in our official website, there are many instructions that may help you.


I just build my uArm and I have the same problem/behaviour.
Connections should be OK according to the build instructions. (
It is however not clear which power connector should be used?
My uArms beeps when I connect any power connector and/or USB cable.

I check the other documents and in I found:
2. When powering the arduino with the shield the buzzer beeps hard. Is there anything
It’s normal when powering the arduino with shield. It beeps just because the original code in
arduino makes it beep. We can shut down the buzzer by programming the port D3 in arduino.
You can also download the code we’ll release for the MouseControl.exe to shut it down.

I’ll try this next and update this post when it works.


Hi there, don’t worry about the beep, just upload the standard code of the library and it will work fine.

Hi Tony,

thank your for your feedback. After updating the library the beeping stopped :smile:. I also managed to get MouseControl working .
When I pick up something, The arm releases it after a few seconds.
Should I continue pumping, or should I be looking for some leak? (It picked up a simple platic card)

Is there some python example code available?


Hi there, if you want to grab the thing, you have to keep the pump working. We will release these weeks and will keep you informed.