Uarm controller board/ shield

hi, i try to learn the uarm so i made a 3d print uarm with my 3d printer. i just have question about the controller board and the servo motor. what do i need for the controller? (arduino mega + servo shield, is this correct) and is the servo shield can do the same function of uarm swift( learn, wifi) and also is the board compatible with 3 wire servo motor? like sg90


With the shield and Arduino Uno, you could get all the functions of uArm Metal,
except the learning mode because the normal servo do not have the fourth wire of position feedback.

Besides, uArm Swfit is a totally new design. We combine the Arduino mega2560 and shield together. Also we add more customised circuit in it, so it’s hard to have the same function.

Our shield is compatible with 3 wire servos. THANKS

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