uArm Controller Joystick moves in 2 Axes

When I use the joystick in the uArm Controller to move the arm in 1 axis the arm moves in 2 axes. But, the display shows motion in only 1 axis.

For example, if I push the joystick to move the arm in the Y-axis the display showing the Y-axis changes and the X-axis and Z-axis numbers stay the same. That is what I expect. However the arm moves in the z-axis as well.

The same thing happens if I push the joystick to move in the X-axis the arm also moves in the Y-axis.

How do I fix that?

The uArm Controller will cause, how about check the uArm by uArm Studio first?

I do not want to use uArm Studio.

I want to control the arm with joysticks.

You’d use uArm Studio to check the uArm, it may not working well.