uArm Creator Studio install error message


Has anyone experienced the following error message when trying to install uArmStudio-x64-prod-1.1.13-p1.exe ?

"Installer integrity check has failed. Common causs include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer’s author to obtain a copy.

More information at: "

Thank you.


I also got this error message while I’m using windows 10

I have the same problem

Same here, just told Cleo in my reply to another issue.

The problem seem to been solved. I’ve just download the file with same name in the web site and installed successfully. One stupid thing is the field of country can’t scroll down.

Confirmed. I just downloaded and installed. Working much better than previous version.

Cheers. Thank you for the update. Will recheck.

Installation process is now successful. But running UCS comes up with a long list of java errors as shown on this screenshot. Java on this windows 7 machine is up to date.

Has anyone encoutered the same pop up ?

Just installed uArm Studio v1.1.13-p3 on a new machine. Forgetting my password, I am trying a new registration. Country is required, but there seems no way to get to my country. … no scroll … no arrow down.