uArm developers——all is about passion and incredible pioneering work

We are glad to help passionate individuals and organizations that can be a creator, or even the definer of uArm,to see the propulsion of this technology and incredible pioneering work.

So we created a platform for uArm developer and we have launched it now.Please visit here:

The main parts in uArm developer include:

1.Quickstart(Set Up uArm For Development)
2.Specs(uArm Specfications And Dimensions)
3.API Reference

This part mainly introduces the overview about Calibration, Arduino Library, Processing Library, C# Library.

Arduino library is very useful. You must install Arduino library before you do anything. uArm For Arduino contains two types of sketch:

uArm Library - Calibration, ActionControl, unpackage, hitpoint, Standard UCP, Learning mode (To do)
Standard Firmata EEPROM

Processing is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. If you want to control uArm via PC, you could try it!

There are 5 examples. You could get used to it from the below examples.

GUI Calibration Tool

Not Completed

This example shows you how to use Processing library to Control uArm Move to a xyz coordinate position.

This example shows you how to use Processing library to control uArm Pump on or off.

This example shows you how to use Processing library to read the current Angle of uArm servos.

This example shows you how to use Processing library to read the servo offset from uArm EEPROM.

If you don’t like Processing? Don’t worry, we also provide C# Library to you.

This part mainly contains hardware information, We shared uArm Dimensions, Components, Technical Specification, uArm MCU Pinout.

API Reference
API is short for application program interface, this allows you use simple code to invoke the Libraries we created for complex functions. APIs for Arduino, Processing and C# are included. API for Android will be release soon.

Check out more samples and videos here. We are now having 4 samples: Play with basic functions, Box unpack, Play piano with uArm, uArm with Kinect control. You can follow the samples and accomplish it!

This developer platform is a Beta version and we need to improve it as much as possible. And we are glad to see you post in our forum, for discussing the project,getting some help and questions, knowing more like-minded people!