uArm doesn't move

Hello, I’ve got a uArm metal today.
​I installed the drivers and firmware.
​I turned it on, and tested it with uclient_windows, moving the mouse and it worked fine.
​Then I downloaded the library for arduino, and load the GettingStarted example, and it doesnt move when I type 1 to 4 in the monitor serie.
​It does pump on(o) or pump off(f), and it also reads the current cordinate when typing g.
​Seems all works, but the movement doesn’t.

i dodnt do this step:

“You need to recalibrate when you are new to this library. we recommend the GUI Calibration tool.”

I dont know where is this calibration tool.

Hi Sebastian,

Please click the link below to try the latest software UCS, the installation pack includes the latest firmware V2.2.1, uClientV2.0.
Firmware V2.2.1 fixes some problems that the old firmware has.