uArm is grinding to it's reset position. Is this a concern?

When I turn on the power to the uArm, it is usually in the position [96.0356, 1.6206, 34.6324]. When I reset it, it should to the position [150, 0, 150]. I have to do this reset twice. The first reset always I accompanied a by grinding of the motors (it is same grinding when the uArm to go somewhere but it can’t) and it goes some middle distance to the reset position. The second reset moves it to the desired location without grinding. The uArm basically behaves fine after this.

Okay, this happens every time I use that uArm. Is this grinding going to damage the uArm or the uArm design is resilient to this?

I have another uArm where this doesn’t happen.

Hi, could you shoot a video about this issue and post here?


Oh, I understand why there is grinding now. At [96.0356, 1.6206, 34.6324], the forearm is flat against the shoulder arm. There is a resistance at the bottom joint because the forearm slides into it snugly in there. There is barely enough power to break the inertia, so it grinds. If l lift the forearm up slight before turning on the power, there is no more grinding.

[96.0356, 1.6206, 34.6324], this may a unreachable position, you could set a bigger X coordinate such as x=120 or more.