uArm Metal 3D Model

This is Peter from Japan CreativeMachine.

We are an IronCAD software developer and distributor in Japan (, and I’m the developer for the IronCAD Industry Robotic Solution – icROBOSim (icROBOSim™ | Robot Simulator for IRONCAD)

We had purchased your uArm Metal A few weeks ago. We are planning to use uArm for the upcoming Expo as the concept model for showing our icROBOSim offline robotic teaching solution, hence we’ll need uArm Metal 3D CAD model for this purpose.

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Hi Peter,
Sure! Can you message me your email pls? Or write to INFO@UFACTORY.CC.


Hi Poppy,

Just send over you a mail through
Posting here just in case if my mail coundn’t reach you.

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It seem my mail couldn’t reach you. Here is my email address

I will write to you now. Thanks!

Hello Sir:
I need uArm Metal 3D CAD model for my thesis. Could you send me?

Check it here: