uArm Metal Calibration

It is normal that my calibrated uArm, it has a starting position turned a little on the left? And so when I use uClient when x is 0, does not match the middle?

It arrived from uArm factory in this condition, and as the documentation said, is already calibrated.

If it is not calibrated well, where can I get proper information on how to calibrate uArm? I am sorry to ask this question but the pdf I saw from uArm factory has really poor documentation.

I am using a Mac and Python at the moment.

Thanks in advance


sorry for that.
The new calibration guide will be out soon.
Will let you know asap.

Hi, it is possible to know when it is going to be available the new calibration guide?


We already released the new tool for firmware upgrade and re-calibration on Nov.
Please refer to the post below. sorry for not notifying you personally.

Hi Cleo,

thank you for your reply. I’ve 2 questions:

  1. If my uArm on coordinates x = 0 is not perfectly in the middle but is turned to the left. By calibrating can I solve this problem?

  2. What guide should I follow to calibrate uArm, if necessary from question 1.

Thank you in advance

Simply press the re-calibration button on uArm Assistant and the calibration process will start automatically. Follow the instructions popped up, and you will finish the calibration.

I’m having the same issue, did re-calibrating solve the issue for you?



If the uarm with x = 0 is not pointing to the middle, yes recalibrating solve the problem

Hmmm… re-calibrations doesn’t seem to do the trick for me. The arm is still off to the left a bit and when I record and action in learning mode, the playback seems to be off to the left even further.

@jelmer3 how good are you with electronics? i would say if you disconnected the servo mechanically and adjusted the arm to center making sure of course that the servo is in the middle position. then insert the servo and try re calibration. it could have been that the servo was installed slightly off at the factory and just needs to be rotated a tooth or two on the shaft.

Also on a second note the closed loop feedback for position is in relation to servo position and not arm position so if the servo was installed slightly rotated at factory then that error will be there no matter what unless you take the servo out and mechanically adjust it to center.