uArm Metal; Python unexpected movement

Hi. I’m trying to get the uArm to work using Python on a Windows machine. I have been following the instructions and have updated the firmware using FirmwareHelper, saying it has installed firmware version 1.5.11. I have used pip to download the pyuarm libraries and I have calibrated the uArm using the GUI calibration tool. Although I have no idea what is happening since the tool is in some form of Chinese. There are pieces in English but they aren’t very helpful. The arm beeps at one point and asks me to confirm the position, I press a button on the right which has a Chinese symbol on, then it does some stuff and says Calibration Complete! I then try the arm using “uarm_client.exe” and everything works fine.

When I wrote my Python code I found the functions in the guide “uarm.moveTo” and “uarm.move” do not exist in, however a method “move_to” does. I try to use this method to move the arm but it moves the arm very strangely. I can rotate the arm about the X-axis with no issue but I cannot get the arm to stretch out in lift up/down at all. If I give an instruction to stretch out across the Y-Axis then it will move fractionally up or down. That is if I use PATH_ANGULAR, if use PATH_LINEAR then it moves really erratically, e.g., a simple command to move on one axis results in a move on all axis.

I have found a Python method to individually rotate each server which works perfectly fine, however it is very difficult to pick up an object using this.

It seems like a calibration issue or I am using the wrong libraries. I’ve tried using the, as well as the GUI, but that also beeps and then asks me to “Confirm arm is in the right position”. I however have no idea how to confirm this and end up letting the timer run out. I noticed on the forum there is a video showing how to calibrate but the video won’t play, says it has been deleted.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I have the same issue when trying to move the arm using the Arduino, moveTo() doesn’t move the arm very much at all.