UArm power flux loop

uArm Serial No.: (the No. at the bottom of each uArm reading “UARM-050517053F”)

Firmware Version:

Operation System: Windows 10

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio/uArm Play/Arduino/Python (Please specify the software/library version)

Hi so my Uarm has not been functioning properly as of late. It will turn on, but then the wrist will flick slightly and then the red light dims and then the process repeats.
Is this a power supply issue and if so, how do I fix this/get a replacement?


Hi, could you please check the power adapter carefully and make sure that all the connectors are plugged properly. And could you please provide a video about this issue and share to us via google driver or dropbox?

Yes hello, what email address should I send the video to in order to share it wth you?

Hi ,we recommend google driver or dropbox. Thanks.

I shared it over google drive with the account associated with

Thank you!

Hi, could you please send the link to, this is the right email for technical support.

It is sent. Thank you

Hello, it has been almost a week and I haven’t received any word on the status of whether or not I can send the uarm back or if there is a technical solution. What should I do?

Hi, we are sorry that we did not receive the Email. Could you PM me the link ?

I emailed the google drive link to

Did you get reply from, if not could you PM me your Email address or the link?

I have not received the reply. How do I PM you outside of the forum? I do not want to provide my email over the forum.

I tried to PM you just now, could you check it?

If you don’t received the PM, please visit this link and submit your issue. thanks .