Uarm Shield for Simple Servo Control

I made a modified uarm acrylic and I am using a very simple program to control it with an Arduino and a couple of thumb sticks without issue, but when I run the same program with the uarm shield on the Arduino it no longer works properly. In this case I am just using the shield for power and signal distribution utilizing the same connections on the shield as I did on the Arduino. Should the same program work through the shield or am I misunderstanding something?

@jonica Hi, Here is the uArm shield and Arduino connection, and the power should be connected to Shield.

Thanks for your reply! I have a 5v 5a power supply connected to the shield like you show in the picture and not the Arduino. I even tried controlling a single servo thru the shield with a potentiometer to make it simple and could not get it to work. My arduino has been acting strange lately so I ordered another to see if that may be the issue.

It turns out that my Arduino was messed up. I wasted a lot of time on trying to figure that out. The shield works great!

@jonica I am great you solved the issue. :grinning: