uArm Studio v1.1.12 not recognizing Swift Pro on Win7 64bit

uArm Serial No.: UARM-05051703E1

Firmware Version: ???

Operation System: Windows 7 64bit

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio v1.1.2

I first provided the uArm with power, then connected the USB cable, then turned it on, the computer itself recognizes the Arduino Mega inside (when you open “Devices and Printers”). However uArm Studio sees it as “Disconnected”.

I’ve done the steps above before opening uArm Studio, and after, but to no avail. I was also careful to leave the user-defined button in the “upper” position, as was mentioned in the manual (that the button by default switches between USB and Bluetooth mode). The computer was also rebooted after installing uArm Studio, before conducting any of the steps above.

I also have Mac, there the robot connects, and the software works, so my unit def. works.

And to the Software Engineers working hard to get these things up and running for everyone, take it slow and grab a beer, you’ve done a terrific job with the software so far, now there’s only some rough edges left to soften.

Keep up the great work!

  • Ilija

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Hi ika, we have got your feedback. And some backer are facing the same problem like yours. We are working on it and trying to fix it in next version. Sorry for the inconvemient, Thanks!

Hi ika,

Please fill out the form here with log file uploaded:

We’ll try to locate the problem as soon as possible. Thanks!