uArm Swift could not move at all after writting firmware

I want uArmSwift-firmware to update. But My PC’s os is windows7 ‘32bit’, uarmstudio is not compatible with it.
So I downloded “Flash tool” and “Firmware .hex file”.

After writting above file, arm could not move at all.
(sorry, I didn’t understand above file is not compatible with uArmSwift(non-Pro)…

Could you tell me the recovery method and firmware-update method?

uArm Serial No.: (the No. at the bottom of each uArm reading “UARM-040217004C”)
Operation System: Win(7)
uArm Controlling Method: Python (pyuf/library version:1.2)

I think you need this FW branch then

thats an library for the arduino system, there you can open the example and save as a new sketch, then you have to compile and upload it.




I wrote arduino code, and Swift can move now!!
Thank you for your help!!