uArm swift (not pro) is not connecting to uArmStudio

Hi, I recently bought a new uArm swift (Not pro, cant find the topic category for this particular model) however when I try to connect the arm to uArmStudio, it is telling me that “uArm is not connected. Driver is not installed.”

I have updated to the latest software, and checked the USB and Power cable, but I can seem to get it to connect to my Macbook.

Does anyone have any advice?


My log is:

“Studio”: {
“APP_NAME”: “uArmStudio”,
“APP_VERSION”: “1.1.15-a1”,
“Channel”: “prod”,
“CATEGORY”: “software”,
“LANG”: “en”,
“OS_INFO”: “darwin x64 16.7.0”,
“OS_TYPE”: “mac”,
“OS_ARCH”: “x64”,
“MAIN_WINDOW_URL”: “file:///Volumes/uArmStudio 1.1.15-a1/”,
“FAQ_URL”: “”,
“forum”: “”,
“github”: “UFACTORY · GitHub”,
“facebook”: “uArm Robotic Arm User Group | Facebook
“UARM_CORE_PATH”: “/Volumes/uArmStudio 1.1.15-a1/”,
“UARM_VISION_PAH”: “/Volumes/uArmStudio 1.1.15-a1/”,
“UARM_CORE_VERSION”: " 0.8.2",
“STUDIO_DIR_PATH”: “/Users/marklennon/uarm/studio”,
“HOME_DIR_PATH”: “/Users/marklennon/uarm”,
“STUDIO_CONFIG_PATH”: “/Users/marklennon/uarm/studio/config.json”,
“FIRMWARE_DIR_PATH”: “/Users/marklennon/uarm/firmware”,
“AVRDUDE_DIR_PATH”: “/Volumes/uArmStudio 1.1.15-a1/”,
“LOG_DIR_PATH”: “/Users/marklennon/uarm/studio/log”,
“DRIVER_DIR_PATH”: “/Volumes/uArmStudio 1.1.15-a1/”,
“CURA_DIR_PATH”: “/Applications/”,
“CACHE_DIR_PATH”: “/Users/marklennon/Library/Application Support/uarmStudio”,
“UArm”: {
“portName”: null,
“firmwareVersion”: null,
“hardwareVersion”: null,
“productName”: null,
“productType”: null,
“portSerialNumber”: null,
“currentX”: null,
“currentY”: null,
“currentZ”: null,
“currentR”: null
“Problems”: {
“coreExisted”: true,
“coreRunning”: true,
“coreConnected”: true,
“uarmConnected”: false,
“driverInstalled”: true,
“uarmPortConnected”: false,
“other”: “”
“ports”: []

uArm Serial No.: (“UARM-0402170062”)

Firmware Version: N/A (nothing is showing in uArmStudio for this)

Operation System: Mac

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio

Official Store
uArm User Facebook Group


It seems that the device did not connect to the PC, could you check the Ports on the device manager like the picture below?


Do you know how to check the ports via a Macbook? Im using a macbook sorry.

Please check here" mac/hardware/USB/USB2.0 Bus to see if there is Arduino Mega 2560 was connected and it’s stutas. A screenshot is better for us to figure out the issue.

Hi, apologies on the delay…

This is the screenshot when the uArm is connected to my Macbook

Hi , the uArm may failed to connected to the Mac, do you tried another USB Port/ USB cable? It that could not solve the issue, could you try it on another PC, such as windows 10/7 PC?

Hi so I connected it to a windows 10 pc and again, the uArm is not showing in the ports. I’ve enclosed a screenshot. The uArm is definitely on…when I plug it in there is a red light and the arm twitches slightly.

How about remove the power adapter and keep the uArm connect the PC with USB cable?