Uarm swift pro accessories

Is there anywhere to order additional accessories for the Uarm swift pro? I’d like to get another mounting bracket so I can swap the gripper and suction cup quickly without having to unscrew with the allen screws.

Hi Detillio,
Please PM me your email and our sales team will contact you. Thanks!

i want that too… no problem buying one but the shipping cost to HK is too high :\

Hi Cleo,

I would like to purchase some accessories for my uArm Swit Pro as well. Could you have someone from the sales team contact me?

Hi @jficara

Please write directly to about what accessories you want to buy, and there will a sales team member contact you. :slight_smile:

Hi @Cleo,

I wrote inquiring about spare parts/accessories, and received no response until I raised it on Facebook forum. Got email reply but instead of getting answers, they were asking for more details to which I replied back. 10 days after still no reply - so something is wrong with your post sales or service unit. They don’t respond.

Hi @ebto,
Sorry about that. I’ve informed my colleague of that.