uArm Swift Pro appears to interfere with mouse

uArm Serial No.: UP-1302
device_type: SwiftPro
hardware_version: 3.3.1
firmware_version: 3.2.0
api_version: 3.2.0
device_unique: 6CC374F66C28
Operation System: Linux

Before power-on (or connect via USB), my mouse is working normally.
After power-on (or connect USB) SwiftPro, my mouse is essentially unusable

I checked with xinfo, and the SwiftPro is not registering as a mouse or keyboard device - so I do not think this is some kind of device clash. Rather, it seems like the serial port is generating excessive interrupts.

Is that possible ? How would I prevent that ?

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This issue disappears when I use a different keyboard/mouse.

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Actually you could turn off the Bluetooth function by press the Bluetooth button on the basement of uArm Swift Pro.