uArm Swift Pro glitching violently

So we just a couple days ago received our uArm. It was working fine for some tries, we updated the firmware through uArm studio and it was still working.
Now, however, when turning on the arm (no USB cable plugged in), it beeps, there is a blue light flashing, we hear the motors doing some violent motion, and then the process repeats infinitely.
Connecting the USB cable to the PC does not change anything, the uArm is not connected at all.

Any ideas? Right now the arm is completely dysfunctional since it seems to not “boot” properly.

uArm Serial No.: “UARM-0505170370”
Firmware Version: PC connection does not work, can"t check
Operation System: not connected to PC
uArm Controlling Method: just turned it on. not connected to PC.

Hi, does the arm repeats beeping like restart all the time? If not, the blue light turns on it means you are switching to the Bluetooth mode, please the quick start guide page 5:
BTW, did you upgrade the uarm studio to 1.1.12? Thanks

I am experiencing a similar issue after upgrading to 3.1.9 and uArmStudio 1.1.12. At first the upgrade seemed to make an improvement with somewhat more stability, but then suddenly the uArm pro stopped in the middle of a motion (simple block script Reset->Forward 150->backward 150) and now keeps on resetting.

Video at uArm Robotic Arm User Group | Facebook

uArm Serial No.: 05051700C4
Firmware Version: 3.1.9
Operation System: Win7
uArm Controlling Method: uArmStudio 1.1.12

@tony yes, it beeps every couple seconds and the motors make a single abrupt motion, lights are flashing, then that repeats. The button is in the correct position for USB.

We somehow managed to reset the behaviour by turning off + unplugging + wait for couple hours. However, like @Hjelt is describing, after one successful drawing from studio 1.1.12, in the next drawing the arm just suddenly lost usb connection and went into the same broken mode as described above.

Alternate link to the video in case it is not possible to view since the submission has not been approved by the closed facebook group

Managed to get back into having at least basic USB connectivity just like you @pfc. I will refrain from further work on the uArm until there is a new FW that fixes this. I really don’t want to get locked out of possibility to upgrade, since shipping hardware over continents is expensive even with just the customs fees.

Do you @tony need any more information to be able to fix this one? It seems pretty clear this is not about the power cord…

Got it, sorry for the inconvenient, @pfc @Hjelt we would arrange a new adapter for you. And if you has another 12V 2A adapter please have a test. That would make your robot is fine. Thanks

Ok, I will try to find one during next week and let you know if it fixes the issues.

Ok, now I have found a way to rule out the power issue. As you can see in the video linked below, I am using a car battery, so the amps are not running out.

I am running the blockly script you suggested in another post for testing, and at the end I have appended a beep, move forward 200 and then finally another beep. The first time the script is run, you can hear that the cogs clicking away badly on some occasions. The script runs to the end.

Then I press stop, and start the script once more. You see that the pen is on another level for the first part of the second test script run. Then for the “forward 200” part you see that the level is not kept, and additionally the aem struggles to achieve the move, and actually never finishes it since the next beep is never heard.

So something is still clearly wrong, and it is not (only) the power being the issue. @tony How do we proceed?

Just got some information about the issue, please have a check. If it works, we would arrange the new adapter for you. THANKS!

Does not seem to be the cause of the issues I face. Checked the connectors and the were looking OK, but to be sure I refitted them and made sure they were in place. Unfortunately there was no effect, and the behaviour is still exactly as before. What is the next step?

I would arrange a new one for you. Same address?

Yes, thank you. That will be fine.

We’re still having the issue (and didn’t receive the promised replacement power supply yet).
This seems to be the same issue btw: 3D Printing - Abruptly stops before finished - #30 by hoodel