UArm Swift Pro - Help - We received a Uarm that doesnt work -Support not helping


I am a teacher in Indiana USA

We receive a UArm Swift Pro that doesn’t work. Individually or hook to the computer.
You can see the LED power up. It makes no beep and the Arm doesn’t move. The USB and the bluetooth do not connect. I have tried with 2 computers. I check the power supply and its okay -Has 11 volts. I have run 3 different versions of the software to see if it would connect. nothing is working.
I have reached out to the company, over two weeks. They keep writing back asking what is wrong.
I even made a film and sent showing it doesn’t work. Anyone have any ideas how to get them to replace or get the school its money back? Very frustrated. I hoped to use this to teach STEM with my middle school students. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Micheal, if you couldn’t hear the beep, please try the offline flash tool:
The try to use the uarm studio again.
Sorry for the late reply, feel free to ask any question about it.

Wanted to follow up. it was a cracked board that must have happen in shipping.
Ufactory sent a new Swift Pro within 5 days of the post. Thanks for helping the school with it. Students love using it here at the middle school.

Thanks for your feedback Michael.