uArm Swift Pro laser engraving on metal?

So after testing a lot finally confidence enough to engrave my phone, but it turns out the metal back is extremely to be engraved even it’s not very reflective.

Is there anything I can do help make the engraved mark more durable and visible?

500mW laser is not powerful enough for the metal engraving. We have also tested the black and nonreflective surface, while it can’t work either. More powerful laser (over 2.5W) head would be the best solution. Thanks

Even a 2.5 Led Laser is not for metal, you need a YAG Q-switched Laser to engraph metal.
I plan to present a video using different Lasers:

  • 2.5W LED to cut leather and?
  • 80W CO2 Laser to cut wood.

what’s the most powerful laser uarm can support in both weight and power consumption?

For pro, max payload 500g, power consumption 12V 3A.