uArm Swift Pro Polar and Position Limits

Where can I find the Polar and Position limits? The uArm Python SDK API does not seem to list them.

For example, the set_polar() command does not show limits for stretch or height parameters.

Hi, you could find the working range on the developer guide. The python API dose not limit the range of the motor.

OK, but in the Developer Guide I do not see the limits of any of the parameters. All I see is a drawing. Is that what you are referring to?

We dose not provide a the limits for the aixs, you could check the working range on page 5 of this doc:

This is an example of what I am seeing.

I do see the working range drawing on page 5 of the developer guide. It shows that the maximum height is 309 mm.

Using the set_polar(height) function I cannot get the arm to move beyond 160 mm.

Can you explain why that may be the case?

309mm is the length from the top to the bottom, for z axis we do not recommend to give a value more than 160mm or it will be limited by the mechanical structure.

That is why I asked about limits. You referred me to the “working range” drawing but that does not show the limits. If you recommend 160mm for the z axis what do you recommend for the other axes?

For X and Y axis, actually we do not have any recommend limits, you could set Y in -350 to 350 and X in 110-330.

Thank you!

You are welcome.