uArm Swift Pro reset failure

uArm Serial No.: UARM-05051700b8
Firmware Version: 3.1.5
Operation System: OSX 10.12.4
uArm Controlling Method: UCS 1.0.50

I created a Blockly program containing only a Reset instruction.
I powered off the uArm Pro, started at different positions on the desk surface.
Running the Reset program causes it to raise the arm, but it ends in a different position each time.

– Sean

Same here! OS is Windows 10.

Does the uArm Pro have absolute position sensing? It seems the reset routine tries to reach a mechanically impossible position, hence strange noises and variying positions are the result when doing the reset procedure. However, with absolute encoders, the uArm should always know its position! Any ideas?

In fact, i cannot get the uArm Pro to work properly out of the box (besides the hardware-based teaching mode of the uArm Pro).