uARM Swift Pro Suction Pump

Hi, may I know the suction speed of the suction pump to pick up objects of different weight (10 grams, 100 grams, 500 grams)?

As the swift pro payload is 500 grams and the suction pump lifting weight is 1000 grams, can I say that the maximum weight that of my object will be 500 grams?


Object should be less then 500 grams since the suction cup itself has a weight. What we recommend is 300g.

Thanks for the fast reply.
Do you know the suction speed due to varying object weight?

Hi, what do you mean by suction speed? Do you mean vacuum flow with the unit of Liter per minute?

By suction speed, i meant the speed to pick up the object.
When the suction pump is placed on to the object, how long do I have to wait for the suction pump to create enough force so that the object will be pick up?

I assume that for the heavier the object weight, the longer the time for the suction pump to create enough force to pick up the object. If it is possible, do you have the time for the suction pump to pick up objects of varying weight (10g, 100g, 300g)?

This is important for me as my project is time-sensitive. My project may need to pick up a object, move it to some other place, and drop it within 1-2 seconds.

Thank you.

Hi, sorry we do not have a data of this.

Hi, its okay. thanks.

I also wanted to ask if the orientation of the gripper end effector could be attach 90 degree?
I want to pick up an object with a closing (top down motion) not sideways.
I want to attach the gripper in the manner similar to the below picture:

instead of the standard manner which will grip object at its side:

We do not provide mounting device for that kind of mounting, but we did see other user did that with a mounting tool made by themselves, so we think it’s possible.

Thanks for the information.