Uarm swift pro with leap senor not working

I have a Uarm swift pro with leap senor with firmware below but not working

UARM swift pro firmware = 4.3.0
Studio version =

can someone help ? It seem leap pro not working with Studio

If you used Windows PC, please try to install this driver : - Google ドライブ

I am still having problem. Seem after installing the driver the Leap motion not working.
I hope to get some help trying to get this up and running for a demo.

Dose the leapmotion work well without uArm Studio?

Disappointed that the advice tried was not working. The file provided was wrong as well.
as I am not using a VR headset.
I am still waiing for someone to properly advice.

Could you please contact Leapmotion first and confirm that the leapmotion hardware is working well?

leap motion is working

I have installed the driver and it does seem to work seem issue. leap motion application is working with leap motion device. But Uarm studio using Leap motion is not working

Still waiting for an answer for the Leap motion if this has been already implemented or is some marketing talking but never intend to work ? Very disappointed in the support level.

Could you shoot a video about how you use the leapmotion with uArm Studio?