uArm Swift shaky and twitchy

I just got my uArm Swift (not Pro) and I am failing to do anything with it. All movements are extremely shaky and pointing is not reproducible. Also, it has weird clicks sometimes and when I am running in “Control” mode in uArmStudio when I am pressing reset it going to zero position but when I press reset again it lowers a bit more.

I’ve read the forums and did the test suggested:

Is it hardware problem or something I can do to fix that?

uArm Serial No.: US10001005003D

Firmware Version: 2.3.6

Operation System: Mac

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio

Hi, you could let the uArm move faster to reduce the shaky.

Faster speed makes things a little bit better but I still don’t have any repeatability nor reasonable precision.

And why would you delete negative comments?

It’s totally true:

NO! No moving it faster doesn’t work. At the end it TWITCHES really hard no matter how fast or slow and most of the time even if I’ve PROGRAMMED it to MOVE FAST, it still moves with so many shakes it drops what was secured via suction! This machine is not worth the money.
September 20

Hi, there may some problem with your product, could you copy the link of this page and send to to get RMA support?