uArm wont work, any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi, I have been building a uArm as part of a project for college, I have it all built and ready to go. but I am having major issues with the programming of the uArm. I have followed every tutorial I can find, and being honest the tutorials are very uninformative in the terms of calibration or on reasons why the uArm may not be moving. Every calibration code I use, even from the file UF_ uArm always reads as error compiling. Even if I skip the calibration and use learning mode, I carry out manually the movement of the uArm but when I go to replay what I have just done, nothing moves but there is a slight humming noise for the duration of the runtime. Is there any way to correct these problems?
For my uArm I am using the uArm shield v1.1, and a USB cable attached from the arduino to my laptop (macbook air)

Hi Gareth,

There are two different calibration methods and you must use the method that matches the library you are using.

Are you using


or the older

The newer (top) version does not have a learning mode but is much better maintained and updated.

Thanks for the reply!,

I think I have tried both them libraries but none have been successful, would it possibly be the fact that I have the uArm shield and the arduino, with only the USB Plugged into the arduino, should I have a power lead connected to the shield?

USB does not have enough current to run the uArm by itself (and may complain you are trying to use ‘too much power’ from the USB port).

You must ALWAYS power the motor driver shield using the wall adapter. Do not try to operate the uArm with USB alone! :slight_smile:


Video link is broken!