Unexpected movement?


I’m working with the uArm Metal for a few days and I really enjoy it!

However, I have a problem with the coordinates because they don’t behave as expected:
Why does the height decreases around 1 centimeter when moving only the X-axis from 100 to 50?
Here are the used commands:
#n G0 X100 Y100 Z60 F1
#n G0 X50 Y100 Z60 F1

This behaviour makes it very hard to set up a grid layout on a table. Does someone have a solution for this problem?

Firmware: 2.2.1 (but same problem using the current Arduino Lib)

best regards,


Sorry for the late reply.
Please flash your firmware to the latest version V2.2.1 via uArm Assistant (the link below).
The current Arduino library on github is not compatible with Firmware V2.2.1. We’re now updating the library. Sorry for inconvenience.
PM me if you encounter any further problem.