Unpredictable Movement on Startup

Hi I have the uArm Metal set up in an area with other objects. I have the uArm programmed such that it starts out at the beginning of the program moving to a reset point. When I run the program and the uArm actually starts there is a fair amount of erratic movement before it moves to the reset point. The biggest problem is that this erratic movement is entirely unpredictable. Sometimes it hits one of the objects and sometimes it misses everything. Does anyone have a suggestion for stopping or at least controlling this erratic movement on startup?

Thank you for the help.

@anudels if the arm is in the folded (home) position when you power off it should not make erratic movements when you start up next time. it will home itself on power up so the best position to be before power off is as close to home as possible. could you post a video on youtube possible of this erratic behavior?