URGENT! Arm randomly saying that USB is not connected

uArm Serial No.: 508CB17676FF
Firmware Version:
Operation System: Win(10)
uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio

Studio Version 1.1.15-a1
Studio Channel prod
OS win32 x64 10.0.16299
uArmCore Version 0.8.2
Studio Language en

While it was working previously, the arm now goes dead when I try to execute a move. It then says that the USB is not connected (even though it is). Once the arm drops, after a moment, it will then automatically “reconnect” but will disconnect when I try to execute again. I am using this device in my laboratory for important work, please help!

Check the power supply and the USB cable first.

What do you mean by check? I have unplugged them and replugged them. What should I be investigating?

Try a different usb cable. Make sure you don’t have a loose power connector.

I just bought a new USB cable and the exact same thing is happening. I’ve inspected the power supply and there is nothing that would indicate anything is wrong with it, no loose connections that I can tell.

#1: Try to use a different USB port.
#2: Reset your USB adapter. (by all means possible)
#3: Plug it into another computer - To see if it is your PC problem or is it because the uarm is malfunctioning
#4: Send the uarm back for maintenance.
#5: Happy new lunar year.

Have the similar problem, the arm started to work badly liek 1 month ago.
First, it moved but didnt send the “ok” message back, and now it doesnt even move, and pc recognize it but says the software installed is corrupted or smth like that. tried several pc cables, several pcs, and several power supplies and not working yet.

Hi Tyler, could you post a video about that here so we could figure out it ASAP? Thanks.

Hi Sebastian, could you shoot a video about that and post it here? Thanks.

I will send a video soon. It seems for me that this disconnect happens when the arm goes through a certain range of motion. I have found a limited range of motion that is able to carry out my procedure at the moment. When it is finished, I will try again to show the error.

Thanks, wait for your video.