Use second serial port on Uarm Metal Control Board

Hello, I am surfing trying to figure out if i can wire up a device to talk serially to the uArm control board.

I would ideally like to be able to communicate ttl rs232 using the bluetooth header, but it seems to me that these same pins (rx/tx) are used during usb-to-serial communication.

What i would like to do is use a second serial port, while keeping the main serial port alive.

Alternatively, i can limit my communication to one port at a time, but i would think if i plug in a ttl 232 device into the bluetooth connector, it will interfere with the usb-serial ftdi interface…their would be contention i suspect.

when someone uses the bluetooth connector how do they disable the usb to serial converter ?

thx, jim.

Hi, the uarm main control board is based on arduino UNO. So there is only one serial port in the board. So if you want to use the BT port please not connect the USB cable any more. We can hardly to do the communication simultaneoulsly or Alternatively by connecting BT and USB cable both. Thanks

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