Used UArm Swift Pro Super Kit for Sale

I’m looking to sell my UArm Swift Pro and accessories. It works great and its a lot of fun to use, but I sadly haven’t had the time to experiment with it and put it to good use like I was hoping to when I bought it. The UArm has been used, but only on rare occasions and all parts are still in perfect working order. I still have everything that came with my kit, which inlcudes:
1 UArm Swift Pro
1 Power Adapter
1 User Manual
1 Base Board Extension
1 Paper for Laser and 3D Printing (does have some scorch marks from the laser)
1 USB Cable
1 Screws and Tool
1 Bluetooth Adapter
1 Seeed Grove Extension
1 Mounting Block for Seeed Grove and OpenMV
1 Open MV Kit
Attachments include:
Universal Holder
3D Printer Kit (with approx. 30g of filament included)
4th Axis with Suction Cup
Laser Kit (laser safety glasses included)
I am selling the kit for $500 plus shipping. Shipping will be from South Carolina.

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uArm User Facebook Group

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Hi, have you sold it out, if not, you could post on Facebook group: