Using external serial port on swift arm pro

Hi all,

i have a swift arm pro, and looking to write code so that the firmware can accept serial input on the second serial port (from the 30 pin connector). I still want the standard command interface on the usb port as-is.

it looks like blockly doesn’t have an input (or output) to interact with the serial port on the 30-pin connector.
is this something that can be added easily?

Without blockly, i am happy (maybe even preferred) to resort to using the arduino IDE to write custom script / firmware to run standalone in the device. (standalone operation is a requirement for my use-case).

What is the way i can write code in arduino ide to load custom processing of input/output on the second serial port? how is the serial port accessed from arduino codebase?

Note that i do have the arduino complete firmware package from gitbhub downloaded, built and programmed into the arm pro. I know the exisitng built-in arduino library for uarm is for the metal, but i want to convert the marvin project to a recognized arduino IDE “library”, not as pure source code…that way i can just use the library in my own arduino script.

my point here is that arduino IDE is not recognizing the marvin project as a valid library.

any help in these areas is appreciated!


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