Using the uArm Client after uploading new code to Arduino

I used the uArm out of the box and the uArm Client worked fine. Now I have uploaded programs to the uArm and when I try to go back and use the uArm Client, the uArm either doesn’t work at all or works entirely incorrectly. I am assuming that in order to use the uArm Client there is a program that must first be uploaded to the board. Is this correct and if so does anyone know where to find this code? If not, does anyone have a suggestion for how to use the uArm Client again?


I think you are looking for the older UF_uArm_Metal library at GitHub - uArm-Developer/UF_uArm_Metal: Arduino Libraries

Note that this library uses a different calibration scheme and your uArm must be first calibrated using the calibration sketch in this library before use.