Using uArm to push a button - not strong enough


I want to use an uArm Swift Pro to push a button placed on a wall and I use universal holder end-effector for this purpose. The problem is that the uArm doesn’t seem to be strong enough to push the button when I try to move the end-effector against it. Instead of pushing the button, it kind of starts to tremble and retracts itself.

I am thinking, is there a way to increase the force of the motors? Or any other setting that would help with this task? Alternatively, could I replace the motors themselves and what would that imply? I really like the arm so far and I would like to keep using it for this task, if possible.

Thank you!

If you use firmrware 4.2.1 and enabled " Closed Stepper Control", disable it may help, but if you did not enable " Closed Stepper Control" , that means the force is not enough, we recommend to use another version of uArm, we do have uArm with highter payload, please contact to get more info.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your help. Until now I was using the firmware from this tutorial [1] because I was also using the OpenMV camera. I’m not sure which version that is and I have never tried to change settings in the firmware. Can you please provide me some instructions for doing that? I suppose this is the repo [2] that contains the firmware, which branch should I use? And how do I generate the .hex file to falsh to the uArm? Also how do I disable the Closed Stepper Control? Thank you.

[2] GitHub - uArm-Developer/SwiftProForArduino: Swift Pro Firmware

Hi, you could download the firmware guidance here:
If you use the uArm with openmv camera, it should be similar as firmware 3.2.0, that means the the force of uArm Swift Pro could provide is lower than what you need. We recommend to contact our sales team to get another version of uArm which has powerful joints. Contact our sales team: