Westmi "Bugs with Pro so far"

It did not work. Please advise when I can expect a new machine.

Hi, this is Winham from uArm team, could you plz leave me your email, so we can get further communication to solve your problem. Or you can contact me directly via my email : winham.liu@ufactory.cc

westmi@comcast.net. Ok what are the next steps.

Ok it’s been 4 days now? I haven’t heard a thing, and I have a dead machine for a month now. You need to figure out a better way to support your customers. How about a phone call or live chat?

Hi, plz allow me to apologize for my delay, I already sent you the email for swaping the machine which i shoud did several days ago. And you know what,we don’t mean to ignore our respected customers, never, this is my own negligence. Sorry again.——Winham