Westmi issues so far for revisions

All just starting playing with my new swift pro yesterday and building a pick and place station. Here are the bugs I see so far. Also love the toy, we will get through the bugs together.

  1. The vacuum hose in my unit is kinking and cutting off the air. I zip tied a more robust hose to the vacuum punp and have zip tied it to the externally to the pick and place arm. The housing hub has to much heat. You need to be able to cool the unit better in my opinion, all those rubber hoses will just get soft and kink. I want to take the old hose out but I can get it out of the upper arm, it is hanging no something, Sny tips would be helpful. I don’t want to break anything internal on the arm.
  2. The Openmv camera card mounting does not line up with the Grove mounting plate. The hole patterns are to close on the grove mounting plate. Please send me a new one that lines up. I will make temporary plate for now
  3. Full Speed mode does not work, looks like when activated it goes to 1X modes. Best I can get is 4x, about 9,5 picks per minute in one motion direction. Need patch please.

Hi @westmi

I’ll follow up on this thread: