What commands to send to turn laser on/off?


I am sending serial commands to control the uArm (Swift Pro) and I can’t find a command in the quick start guide to turn the laser on or off. I can move the arm (G0 Xxxx Yyyy Zzzz Ffff, etc.) and start and stop the pump but that same command (M2231 V1) does nothing for the laser. Are there more commands available?



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Hi Bob,

Under laser mode, send G1 to turn on, and G0 to turn off.

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When launched via command line, here is the debug output when the laser turns on

error: [APP] [DEBUG] [uarm.py:__send_thread_process:359]: Send #9 M2410
error: [APP] [DEBUG] [uarm.py:__process_line:284]: MSG Received: $9 ok
error: [APP] [DEBUG] [uarm.py:__send_thread_process:359]: Send #10 P2220
error: [APP] [DEBUG] [uarm.py:__process_line:284]: MSG Received: $10 ok X200.33 Y-0.00 Z-0.34

Thanks! Works like a charm. I also figured out that commanding to move the arm when the laser is on, turns the laser off (move starts with ‘G)’). Moving the arm with the relative commands keeps the laser on.

I engraved a few triangles to test repeatability, it’s ok (3 of 4 were right n top of each other), though I may have started too close to the base.

This is a wonderful tool, I hope I can use it to its fullest capability.

Thanks again,


Thanks. I am still working out my communications, my code is crude right now. I can see the replies but I haven’t quite coordinated everything yet.


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Is there some software based focusing involved? When we use the Studio- it asks for a Zero - if you do not set it properly the beam is defocussed. I understand the on/off - but how about the focus - like you do in the studio after you press the “play”?

Hi @ljohri

You can only adjust the focus manually as instructed in the user guide (page 10):

Focus point for my uarm was at Z85. I found this by setting to 0 in studio allowing it to start pause it propped up the arm making sure it was a snug fit. Turned off the arm and closed studio. Opened up arduino IDE (any serial monitor with right B rate and port will suffice) use P2220\n gives axis positions. Gave G0 X150 Y0 Z85. THEN G1 X200 Y0 Z85 F250\n laser was in focus. Thus I have my engrave axis cords. For beam focus. TIP. Varied trials on Z85 +/- adjustments to fine tune results for different effects deeper scores. Wider lines etc.

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