Which uArm I should buy and can I control it by Matlab?

I want to change the different linear distance of a small Rasberry Pi (5 inch, weight: ~500 gm) monitor by using the gripper.

  1. Which one should I buy? uArm swift/uArm Swift Pro/uArm Metal? Does all of them have gripper?
  2. How much weight the gripper can take?
  3. Can I control it by Matlab/psychtoolbox? (can I somehow connect it with Matlab to change the horizontal location of the screen)
  4. What is the maxm speed if I want to change the location of the monitor quickly?

Hi liza,

All kinds of uArm have gripper, but uArm doesn’t support Matlab control. Sorry :frowning:

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You can always create a second program and ask matlab to execute it for uarm functionality. That’s a small step towards a server that you could use a REST api with.

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Hi, thanks a lot for your reply. I want to buy uArm Swift Pro from South Korea.

  1. Can I buy it from UFACTORY store?
    or, from here,
    Share uArm with your Friends and Earn Rewards! | Indiegogo
  2. I want to control it by Python/Matlab. Should I buy UARM SWIFT PRO PROFESSIONAL KIT (from UFACTORY store)/uArm Swift Pro Developer Kit (from indiegogo.com) rater than uArm Swift Pro Standard Kit?

Hi liza,

  1. You can buy uArm Swift Pro from either of the two links.
  2. uArm Swift Pro is unable to be controlled by Matlab currently. The Python library for controlling uArm Swift Pro is now under development. We’ll post updates asap!

btw the Professional Kit and the Developer Kit are the same. Sorry for the confusion caused by the name.


Thanks for the reply. is there any possibility to control uArm Swift Pro by Matlab in near future (within 1/2 months)? And how long it can take to develop the Python library? (I am confused as it is written in your website that it can be controlled by Python)

Sorry for asking about very exact time period.

And how long it will take to come the product in South Korea if I order it from your store.

Hi liza,

Sorry for the late reply.

The Python Library is out: GitHub - uArm-Developer/uArm-Python-SDK: New python library for Swift, Swift Pro
(There’s still a lot to improve.)

The shipping from China to South Korea will take about 7 working-days.