Which version to buy uArm or xArm?

I will have components which are semi-circle in shape. The components are kept in a box so that the concave surface of the semicircle is at top. A robot has to pick the component and should keep it on a conveyor belt and conveyor belt will lead that component to a laser engraving machine. I would like to explain a few more things about the task which I need to complete. The component which robot needs to pick from the box is of hollow semicircular in shape. The robot should place the component on to the conveyor belt by keeping only the concave surface on top, not the hollow surface. So, that means, all the component in the box should also be in the same position so that robot picks it up without any difficulty. But, I want to also achieve the task if the components in the box are not in the right position by accident. In that case, the robot has to rotate the component, make it in a position so that concave surface is on top again and pick and place on a conveyor belt. I was thinking, to achieve such a task, I need to set-up a camera on the robot so that the robot scans the component and make necessary changes in its position. Do you have any robot in which one can install a camera?
Which robot would be better to buy to execute this task? uArm or xArm?

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Vedant Gonnade

Hi Vedant,
What’s the weight of the componet? And could you shoot a video about the process of the task?



The weight of the component is 40 grams.

Please find the attached photograph. The picture shows the concave surface of the component which is the ideal position. At this position, the robot should be able to pick it and place it on a conveyor belt. But if the component is reversed i.e. the top surface is convex, then the robot should understand to rotate it, make the top surface again concave and the pick it place it on a conveyor belt.

To execute such a process, which robot would be suitable uArm or xArm? Does xArm have a camera for image recognition?

Thanks and regards
Vedant Gonnade

Hi, both uArm and xArm dose not include image recognizion software.
What’s the size of the componet, and how you do the process as of now? By human hands or other robots? Is it possibele to shoot a video about the process?


As of now, it is processed by human hand. Aim is to replace human hand with a robot. What are the possible solutions?
Sorry, right now it is not possible to shoot the video of the process because it is stopped.

both uArm and xArm dose not include image recognizion software

I saw a camera in xArm and also an addon MV camera for Uarm. What are they used for?

From just specs alone, the weight is not a problem for uArm or xArm (handles higher weight).

Since you require a potential 180 rotation of the object, I fail to see what mechanism would allow the hand servo of the uArm (alone) to accomplish that. The xArm could do that rotation since that is whole purpose of having more degrees of freedom. Probably 5 DOF should be enough.

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Emmm, that make sense, xArm is a better choice, since the maximum rotation angle of the base motor of uArm is 180°.

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and xArm can also be useful for sorting the component from a box, right? I mean if the component are not in a straight line but at unequal height (random). Do we have to use image recognition for that purpose?

Can we not add an image recognition software into it if it is not already in build in it?

Yes, there is no built in image recognition software. Or if you have another way to tell xArm the coordinates of the components without using image recognition you could also try it.

What is the function of ad on camera module in xArm?

With the help of camera module, can we find the orientation of the component?

I think, I have to think about the orientation and the picking coordinates. The robot should understand both this parameters to grab the component at the right place . Can this be achieved with xArm. Can xArm is able to recognize orientation as well as picking coordinates of the component? if not, what can be done to achieve this task?

Hi, xArm is a robot to execute the commands, it comes with out any vision or camera functions. You have to think about how to get the coordinates and send to the xArm. xArm 5 can move and rotate, but we think xArm 6 which has one more aix is much better for that task.


Can an external camera be added to xArm to give it a vision function? would that be compatible?

Yes, only if you could process the images on the PC or any other devices which could process the image and send coordinates to xArm.

How to integrate a camera with a robot? What are the things one needs to know and work on? what are the components one needs other than a robot and a camera for integration?

Hi, we do not provide vision solutions for xArm as of now, we are focusing on make xArm become a better robot. Maybe you could find a robot integrator to do that.

Hello, you are giving me a very vague answer. I am still confused whether I can integrate a camera with xArm. Is it possible? Will xArm accept a 2D machine vision or 3D machine vision camera?