Why do I have to register on uPlay and UCS?

Hi uFactory team,

So I found the uPlay app on iOS yesterday, installed it, and was asked register an account with you (again), with no option to proxy register with my facebook or Google account. That means I have to give you my email anew and would have to remember my password only for this site.

Afterwards, an account confirmation email arrives, I click the link which takes me to http://studio.avosapps.us/ but it does not recognize me - what gives?! This is another issue but this needs better quality control…

And on uArmStudio (PC client) users must also register on version 1.1.12, same as with the uPlay app. This was not required on prior versions, and it does not offer an option to stay anonymous while being able to use the software.

Without providing a fine print as to why I must register with you from my PC and phone (which can be traced), and no statement on the terms and conditions how you will safeguard my privacy, and that you will not share with any third party (government included) without our consent, I don’t fully know what I signed up for and therefore concerned.

Your Facebook reply to a post said registering will facilitate information gathering on OS/client/firmware information, but there are other ways to do that, and my concern is what other information are you collecting? I suggest offering an option to login via Facebook, google, or GitHub, and also an option for backers to stay anonymous but they can keep using the software to control uArm Swift.

This is a crowdfunded project, please keep it collaborative, constructive and fun but also flexible (i.e., allow backers to share info at the level they are comfortable with). Thanks!

ebto (July 28, 2017) (anybody recall that 80s song from Rockwell?)

I have to agree here. I brought up the latest version of UCS as part of the procedure of debugging issues w/ my uArm Swift and was irritated that I have to sign in.
The previous version of UCS and the uArm Metal app didn’t require this.
It doesn’t seem to be very open and collaborative to require people to sign in to use their arms. What happens if you’re not in a place that has connectivity ? What if your workplace firewalls or filters these sorts of things ?
Please consider removing the login requirement just to use UCS.

If the latest code is at GitHub - uArm-Developer/uArmCreatorStudio: uArm Creator Studio is a Visual Programming Language for robot arms, with a heavy emphasis on computer vision and usability for both low experience and high experience programmers. It's written entirely in Python, and supports python scripting within the application. then someone can just fork it and remove the registration requirement. Although I gather from the Facebook group that you may be able click through/behind to by pass the registration screen.

If the latest code is not present on github, it should be as the software is based on a GPL licensed project.