Wrong cable plug type for Australia

uArm Serial No.: (the No. at the bottom of each uArm reading “UARM-0505170546”)

Firmware Version: 3.1.9

Operation System: Win 10

uArm Controlling Method: uClient

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English Channel

Just got my Uarm Swift Pro. and the wrong cable plug type is supplied.

And it should be the following one:

Could it be possible to be sent the correct one?

Thanks guys.

Hi Lalex,

The power adapter plug type is the same for users of all countries.
You’re getting the right power adapter. Please get a converter locally.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

@Cleo When you crowd-sourced this project from a global audience, you did not say “We only accept RMB or USD, please convert your local currency yourselves”. I find no documentation (in IGG, FB, Quick Start Guide, this site) to backers of ufactory saying “We only ship Type B plugs, please prepare power plug adapters yourselves.” I think you have a great idea-turned-product, but now, attention to post-sales support and clear documentation/ can avoid a lot of backer frustration and disappointment.

Hi ebto,

Thanks for your suggestions and we totally agree with it.
We’re sorry for the power adapter. Yes we’ve made a mistake.

Now we’re focusing on the things that we can change to make the product better, including fixing bugs and adding new features on the software, preparing video tutorials, improving docs, etc.

Many thanks for your support!


I do agree, would have been nice to get the correct plug with the order.

I’m so used to receiving things from china without one that i didn’t really notice - i have lots of spares and adapters ready in preparation.