xArm 6 - Output Pins Stuck on 'HIGH'


I am trying to use the GPIO on the control box for an xArm 6. However, output pins CO4 and CO5 are stuck on ‘HIGH’ and remain in this state regardless of my attempts to set them to ‘LOW’ in the software. While all other input and output pins function correctly, I need CO4 and CO5 to work as intended.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Grego,

Please send the SN of the xArm6 and control box to support@ufactory.cc.
Do you have a multimeter? Please power off the controller and measure the resistance between CO4/CO5 and GND, take a photo of the result to us.
And you can measure the resistance between other output and GND, for example CO1/CO2 to GND.

Best regards,