I develops C# To XarmSDK(C++),
I want to get data Robot is moving.
And also Start Blocky without Modbus Protocol…
Help me…

Hi Justkiwon,

Did you try our C++ example? Do you want to get the position of robot when it is moving?
You can try the data report, check the link below.
ufactory_docs/firmware/report at main · xArm-Developer/ufactory_docs · GitHub

How do you want to trigger the Blockly project? digital IO? Please provide more details of your application, thank you.

Best regards,

First TOPIC.
I’m trying to trigger from XARM API… ,So I’m find your github… But, I can’t find it.

Second TOPIC.
I’m using two xarm robot. And I’m using C#. So. I make reference of this artricle.

xArm-CPLUS-SDK/demo/csharp_studio at master · xArm-Developer/xArm-CPLUS-SDK (github.com)

However, To Connected robot must be using function
XArmAPI.create_instance(IP, false); in article.

And Then connected is good. But Somtimes When I command move to first robot,Real Moving Robot is second Robot that I don’t command to second Robot…

Please Help me Mina…

Hi Justkiwon,

C++ can only be exported to C# statically, we added some APIs for C# to control multiple robotic.
Please check the API below.
create_instance: it will return an ID, and our SDK will save this ID.
switch_xarm: it will switch between each instance, the ID is the one returned by create_instance.

And we added a parameter ‘ID’ to each C# API, to know it is used for which arm/instance, please download the C# patch at the link below, replace it with the new file and rebuild it, program.cs is for your reference.
C# - Google ドライブ

Best regards,