xArm Lite6 rs485 end-effector

I have an end-effector with RS485 custom protocol.

  • Can I use the end-effector I/O and send the command through blockly?
  • Can I use the python SDK to communicate with the gripper?
  • If not can I make use of the end-effector io wires to connect to external RS485 device?

Hi Wongrata,

The Blockly module contains a ‘python code’ block, which you can insert your python code to communicate with RS485 end-effector.

We provide getset_tgpio_modbus_data to send the command, for more details please refer to the user manual Chapter Modbus RTU part.
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If the end-effector supports standard Modbus RTU, you can debug it on ‘Settings-Externals-Modbus RTU’, please note that the baud rate of our robot’s end should be the same as the end-effector.

Best regards,