xArm the size of a uArm?

Different size robot arms for different things just like different size iPhones for different things. :slight_smile:

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Haha, really? I think most customers use different size of iPhone do similar things.

Maybe iPhone is a bad analog. :slight_smile: I would say an xArm XS max could lift heavier objects or crazy welding like Kuka robots. The xArm mini could do smaller scale things in a precision and flexibility that the uArm canโ€™t offer. Being mini, you can fit 3-4 in the space of one xArm. If there is a business case for it in a price range around or somewhat more than the uArm, I would love to own one.

Good idea. New uArm is one the way.

Awesome, I look forward to seeing what you develop next on the scale of uArm. The existing one is already excellent but of course could better with more precision (real-world position is closer to 1-2 mm for me) and DOFs. Making the uArm motion completely programmable with python was brilliant because there are so many things you can do with python that can now be linked to relatively precise arm motion. Donโ€™t lose that and implement something proprietary to strangle the user (like every other company seems to want to doโ€ฆ)