xArm5 Keeps Entering state(5)

My xArm keeps entering state(5) after any movements, which is blocking arm movements via the api. I’ve set the collision sensitivity to 2, running the latest firmware/software, and moving the arm at relatively slow speeds (10%). The python sdk doesn’t document this state (not sure why) but I read in the manual that this is related to changing certain settings but it doesn’t highlight how to avoid or address it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hi Eirayw,

Please learn more details of the state and mode.
Robot state and mode explanation | UFactory docs

It will automatically switch to state5 if you modify the collision sensitivity, do you set it back to state0?

If there are still problems, please provide a simple Python script for us support@ufactory.cc to reproduce the problem, and please take a screenshot of the ‘Live Control’ page on the UFactory Studio.

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